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Air BnB with a Luxury Coastal Feel


When the clients’ children had left the home, they decided to turn the area of the house that was no longer utilised into luxury accommodation.


The Air BnB has two guest bedrooms, which Sarah chose to decorate according to individual themes.

First, the Pool Room, which is north facing and features cool blue tones that reflect the water and has a high-end coastal feel.

The Sand Room was decorated in white, grey and soft mustards to create warmth in a room that has limited light.

A functional living area with kitchenette completes the Air BnB, and guests can enjoy the subtropical gardens and have private use of the spa and pool during their stay.

It’s the perfect space to enjoy peace and quiet or to simply listen to the sounds of nature.


Sarah is fantastic and pulling a theme together from a few furnishings to create warm and stylish spaces for my Airbnb. Her knowledge on what guests were looking for in the spaces helped me to create a relaxing retreat, and house guests have commented on the spaces saying how they loved all the small touches that we have included for them.  We recommend anyone looking to refresh there home or start an Airbnb to use Testament Interiors.

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