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The importance of the home and how we live in our spaces is top of mind for many people. Follow this interior design blog for articles about décor and colour, how to use plants in your interior, how to declutter to make room for more of what you really want, and so much more.


Uno Magazine: Winter Edition

Sarah Parry, the creative force behind Testament Interiors, shares her design principles, lets us in on the latest trends and explains how an interior designer’s expertise can lead to cost-effective solutions

Staycations: The Winter Edition

Humans don't hibernate like some animals, but as the weather changes and days grow shorter, we tend to spend more time indoors. It's a time for cosy activities like reading by the fire, playing games, and enjoying comforting meals.

Lighting 101

It can be very confusing when looking at lights and where to start. I always suggest to clients to not be tempted by cheap quality downlights that they purchase online. From the outside they may look similar, but their function and longevity will be the difference

Bathroom Design Trends 2024

This year, organic tiles in muted colours, handmade clay tiles, tropical house plants and wooden elements are trending. This also works well with the sustainable design trend growing in popularity.

Style Your Home For Easter

The Easter break is my favourite holiday of the year. I love that we get to spend four days with family and loved ones and enjoy Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday morning services.

Upcoming Interior Design Trends For 2024

The annual Milan trade show is where all the top and up-and-coming international interior designers showcase the latest trends and concepts that will lead the way for Interior design in the upcoming year.

Staycations:The Summer edition

The concept of a staycation came to me during the 2020 Covid- 19 lockdowns. An avid gardener, I wanted to develop our home and gardens into a retreat space where my husband and I could unwind. The front of our house is mainly formal style, hedging with white iceberg roses. The back garden is a subtropical oasis inspired by a previous holiday to Bali.

Sarah’s Styling Tips for Christmas 2023

I have fond memories of myself as a teen planning and hours spent styling our historic homestead, “Weld Cone” in coastal Marlborough for Christmas. The Victorian villa was largely original and had a formal drawing room with velvet wallpaper and a hand cut floral frieze. This house was the catalyst that formed my love of interiors and styling.

Sustainable and Environmental Concepts for Interior Design

You can make a difference by choosing sustainable and environmental products and implementing these into your current home or new build. Do you understand what these are? and how to use these principles when planning an interior design space, renovation, or new build.

What Is Biophilic Design?

Biophilia is a new term that has gained popularity in the world of Interior Design. But what does it mean in simple terms? Biophilia means forming a connection with nature and living organisms, which positively affect health and well-being.

What is Right-sizing?

When you move house, it is important to utilise your new space, making sure it is exactly right. Right-sizing is making sure you are in the environment that is right for you at this new stage of your journey, so living will be better and easier every single day.

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