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Bathroom Design Trends 2024

The History of Bathrooms


The bathroom is considered one of the most essential spaces in our home. It is where we practise daily hygiene to wash our bodies, clean our teeth, and relieve ourselves. Today we use a toilet (WC) or water closet, known in England.

The first bathhouses were developed around 3000 B.C. These were not primarily designed for hygiene. The first bathhouses were created for purifying practises and were seeped in religious values to help cleanse the body and soul.


Leading Bathroom Styles for 2024

1) zen bathrooms

This year, organic tiles in muted colours, handmade clay tiles, tropical house plants and wooden elements are trending. This also works well with the sustainable design trend growing in popularity. Using recycled components and vanities made using vintage furniture and concrete look basins will continue to be popular in high-end bathroom design.


2) Colour

Gone are the clinical white bathrooms. Coloured toilets, baths and basins are all back in fashion as are colourful tiles and the maximalism look. I love this style in Victorian villas and 1950's bungalows.

Wallpapers as feature walls in bathrooms are back, and checkerboard tiles in one colour create a shaded look, adding texture and movement to the space.

3) Spa inspired

With an ever-changing and fast-paced society, we now yearn for the ultimate relaxation in our homes. This has led to the spa design trend. Larger open-plan bathrooms lead onto zen gardens or a private courtyard to bring nature inside.

The use of steam showers, rain shower heads and built-in seating in the shower spaces enable time to relax and unwind after a stressful day. Integrated sound systems in the bathrooms will allow you to shower or bathe in a tub while enjoying your favourite music. With the addition of a glass of wine and your current book, and you have a recipe for ultimate luxury bathing.

Spa bathroom image (1)

Storage and lighting trends


Today we no longer add storage as an afterthought. Well-designed bathrooms include built-in wall storage with hidden panels, tile niches and mirror cabinets for toiletries and medicine. Wooden feature panels, mixed metals, and stools are used for sitting or placing clothing.

The latest lighting trends include the use of dimmer switches to create ambience, with recessed lighting under vanities and baths. Hand-sensor mirrors are used for additional lighting and function together with heated mirrors to prevent misting.

Timer switches are used for heated towel rails and underfloor heating. The ultimate inclusion in your bathroom is to add an overhead skylight, which will flood the space with natural light and make the space appear larger.

Sustainable practises

Natural resources like water harvesting, solar panels, and passive heating all help create natural, sustainable, and environmental properties in the bathroom. The use of grey water to feed toilets can create substantial water savings. Using restrictor valves for water flow, timer switches for towel rails, and lights can help reduce power wastage.


Bathroom styling tips

Arches and soft curves are features of bathroom styling this year. No longer are mirrors round or rectangular. Natural curves are the overall design shape, as are mixing metals in bathroom fittings and lighting. The current trends show gold, brass, and copper as the front runners. The use of coloured towels is hot, including moss greens, browns, soft greens, pinks, and blues. Textured towels and robes add to the luxury feel and are a simple way to change your bathroom look this year.

Aromatherapy candles and sumptuous hand washes, creams and lotions look stunning but also help evoke soothing benefits to the user and help relax and restore the body's parasympathetic nervous system.

the foxes Den bathtowels

Biophilic plants

shutterstock_2160335457 Nature in the space image -Resize

To help create the ultimate bathroom space, add tropical house plants that absorb steam and help create a zen space.

The use of courtyards that connect bathrooms to the garden helps bring the outside environment (whenua) inside. A rock fernery includes a waterfall garden or fishpond with sliding doors that open the space to nature. These all add biophilic design principles to your bathroom design and create a wonderful calming effect.


I love improving people's well-being, by creating beautiful, sustainable and harmonious interiors spaces that reflect a person's life journey.

Sarah Parry

Testament Interiors By Sarah Parry

In Summary

Contact Testament Interiors By Sarah Parry to explore how I can help you design a stunning bathroom space that will help you relax and unwind and create your getaway at home. Who needs to go overseas when you can recreate the look at home and have all year-round enjoyment.

If you are considering a new build or a renovation this year and would like to work with a designer who can incorporate the latest design trends and weave sustainable design into your project. I will help you develop your style based on what’s important to you and your family. Let’s book a discovery call to meet so I can make your dreams come true with a house that is just right for you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Blessings Sarah 

# The May blog will be on the importance of lighting design in your home.

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